Sweatshirts are coming!

Prototypes of upcoming sweatshirt collection. Two unique silhouettes featuring original patterns designed to bring joy to the wearer.  We've created a women's fit and a unisex fit, both with flexible sizing, to be worn small or oversized. Available later this spring!


Cat Hair Party

During Covid, Zoe has been fantasizing about silly parties with big hair-do’s and cats. She don’t even like parties or cats that much. Goache painting on Yupo, 2021. 

Cast object prototypes

We're making some fun, Aqua-resin objects cast from clay models. Playing with terrazzo and marble effects. Watch out for candle holders and wiggly flower dishes in our store soon!

Be a visionare

We got a puppy and new muse, her name is Edith Waffles Peterson. 

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